Wednesday, April 17, 2019


“For as long as you can remember you’ve had this weird dream: You’re lying on a metal table, a light in your face, a dark silhouette stands above you. ‘She isn’t ready. Send her back.’ the voice says. Then you wake up. Tonight you sleep, except this time the voice says, ‘She’s ready. Pull her out.'”


The voice is deep and is like gravel against my ears.
I try to see who spoke, but the light above me is blinding causing the figures who are looming above me to be nothing but silhouettes. For a moment the only thought that I have is that this is…new. Throughout all the different nights that I have had this dream, the different beds that I have slept in, the dream at least had always remained consistent.
“I’m supposed to wake up now,” I stammer trying to clear my head.
“She’s coming to. Prep the cognizant chamber, I want her fully operational when I return,” says the deep gravel voice before one of the dark figures moves outside of my field of vision.
I count three of them, there had been four. I don’t know what I can do with this information as my brain is still trying to process all that is happening. I try closing my eyes in the hopes that it will trigger my waking. It doesn’t.
“Why aren’t I waking up?” I demand of the faceless creatures above.
“You are awake,” says a sing-song voice that sounds like it came from a nose instead of a mouth.
I finally get my brain to talk to my limbs and I twitch my arms and legs only to discover they are bound by some sort of strap. The jingle of metal at my movement confirms that I am laying on some sort of slab. I try not to panic.
“Do try and remain still. It would be best for all of us if you stayed in one piece,” the same sing-song voice cooed.
It was hard to tell if it was meant to comfort, even if the words were clearly a threat. I try to keep from moving anymore, but my reflexes get the better of me and every few moments a twitch escapes me.
It doesn’t feel like much time has passed when two sets of cold hands grip my wrists and ankles and hoist me off the surface I had been laying on; I hadn’t even felt them remove the straps.
“Where are you taking me?” I ask.
Without an answer I feel my body turned upright and for the first time I can put a face to the shadows of my dreams. Their heads were elongated to the point of it being too uncomfortable to stare at for long, but I force my eyes to stay put. The creatures mouth droops open to respond.
“We are putting you with the rest of the waking robotics to begin preparations,” the creature states flatly.
“Preparations?” I ask as my eyes focus in the dim light to reveal a hallway of anti-chambers just big enough to house a single human being. They look like something you would load a rocket into before shooting it off. Each one is occupied by a human and they are all in some form of distress. Some are yelling, but I can’t hear them through the glass. Others are crying and I notice one guy has clearly head butted his chamber enough times to leave a crack in the glass and bloody gash on his forehead.
My mouth makes a small circle along with me as I spin on the spot and before I can ask any further questions the empty chamber they brought me to opens. They push me and as hard as I fight it is no use; I scream as the chamber closes.
They leave me to stare into the eyes of another captured human in the chamber across from me. She isn’t screaming or crying, I can’t tell if it’s because she isn’t scared or if she has simply given up already.
She breathes on the glass and it fogs up until I can’t see her face anymore. Then slowly her finger begins to write on the moistened glass, “TI SAW REVEN RUO RAW.”
It was never our war.

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