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This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today by Chrissy Metz

For anyone who knows me the fact that the second I saw This is Me come up under my recommendations on Audible I downloaded it isn’t shocking. Chrissy Metz plays Kate on the beloved television series This Is Us and to say that I am obsessed with this show and specifically Kate’s journey would be a vast understatement. While this show may leave me as a melted puddle of tears after each and every episode, it is quite simply magic.

I knew that I wanted to learn more about the actress behind Kate, because it wasn’t some CGI covered skinny girl. It was real life and I didn’t realize how much I needed that until I started watching Kate’s story. As it turns out Kate’s story is very closely related to Chrissy’s story, well at least their adult lives are. This makes sense as Chrissy Metz only plays the adult version of the character Kate. There is in fact a few younger actresses that play the key role throughout the character’s life. Realizing this and then listening to Chrissy’s actual childhood was like getting hit with an anvil, because we weren’t as similar as I was hoping and, if I’m being honest, while her story was beautiful in its own way, it wasn’t to me.

However, I encourage others to read it because even though it didn’t hit the mark for me I know that it will for others. From her turmoil as a teased young overweight girl to trying to simple be accepted by society, family, and herself. It’s a message that should be shouted from the roof tops. I didn’t have the issues Chrissy did with weight as child, those problems didn’t come for me until I was in high school. Still, the feelings she had about being the outcast of her small family unit, the abuse she endured, I could relate to that on some level. Of course I would never claim my story is equal to her’s at all, because it is not, but when you suffer it’s a weird sort of comfort to see someone else who did and made it through alright.

GOOD POINT: Her story telling is great. While listening to the audio book may be a little daunting due to the southern quips she employs throughout, it was still an easy read. I always prefer it when the author of an autobiography reads their own story. Plus, her voice can be soothing at times.

GOOD POINT: I didn’t go into this like other stories written by actresses that I love. I wasn’t expecting to get much about her time on set, which is what I look forward to in other books. For Chrissy, it was all about hearing her story of climbing up hill and making it even if she was out of breath when she reached the top. Her confidence building to the person she is today is inspiring, even if in the book it feels a bit preachy.

Her book is very positive and if you are a person who isn’t used to that sort of mentality I can see where it can come off as fake or unrealistic. There were parts in her story that I felt that. When she mentions her mother being aware of her stepfather’s physical abuse on her and she has let it happen for years, I was heartsick. It was even more troubling for me that it was a short time after that story that she explains that she has forgiven her mother and in fact makes her a huge part of her life. I don’t think I’m there yet. I have my own issues with my mother and while I can forgive for myself, I don’t think I can forget and embrace her with completely open loving arms. This may change, but sitting here writing this, knowing my own truth, I doubt it. I give kudos to Chrissy though for striving to be a better person and doing what I know I can’t.

I can’t wait for the premiere of This Is Us’s third season, which will be September 25, 2018 in case anyone is interested. In the meantime, if you want to get a closer look at the people behind your favorite characters, I highly suggest reading Chrissy’s book. I can only hope that once she goes through a few more chapters of her life that she decides to write another.

BAD POINT: More anecdotes about Milo Ventimiglia¬†and Mandy Moore wouldn’t hurt anyone.

4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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