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Out Of The Woods: A Book Mail Special

I wasn’t intending to have book mail so quickly into the new year, but some times special things happen. My SO a few months prior had backed a project on Kickstarter with the intention of gifting it to me for our anniversary. Needless to say, as with all things Kickstarter,things did not go according to plan.

This is how I ended up receiving my anniversary gift over 6 months later…

So the gift finally arrived today and I of course excitedly ripped open the package and I was blessed with the most amazing anniversary gift.

It is a card game called Out of the Woods created and illustrated by American Mcgee, yes the same people who brought you American Mcgee’s Alice. If you are an Alice in Wonderland fan and like things totally macabre then I am sure you have heard of this video game. While I never had the pleasure of actually playing it, I was in love with the art of it.

So you can imagine my absolute joy when I continued digging in the box only to uncover a book of grisly fairy tales with American McGee illustrations. Truthfully, these photos don’t do it justice, this book is gorgeous and is now happily at home on my shelf next to my other fairy tale collections.


I can’t wait to dive into this book and experience these stories again with this new artwork. And I of course had to give all my love to my SO for knowing me so well that this was the gift he decided to get me. Even though it didn’t come on time, I feel it was worth the wait.

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