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My Best Friend’s Sister by Eden Burgess

***Thank you to BookSprout for an ARC in exchange for an honest review***

WARNING: Book is an Erotica, LGBTQ Romance. This is more for those who just don’t want to read about sex in general. It’s Erotica folks, so things are going to get freaky!

Seriously though, I’m not about to defend the fact that I went out of my way to request this book from BookSprout. Aside from wanting to expose myself to more LGBTQ stories, I also wanted to dip my toes into something a little risque so as to maybe influence my own writing. No, I am not writing an erotica, but it never hurts to look at love scenes from these novels. Though most read as a cheesy porno, it can be helpful. This is what I was going for and I’ll admit that My Best Friend’s Sister by Eden Burgess didn’t disappoint.

This is an extremely short read that is ostensibly the trope of person has best friend that has younger sibling that was always annoying until they go away for a long time (usually to college) and then return to find that not only is the younger sibling not so young anymore, but that they are in fact hot and person finds they have a new found attraction to them. This may or may not cause problems with stated best friend and if this story had continued on its marry course I think that is what the conflict would have ultimately become. The book sets it up that way at least.

Our MC is Heidi who is visiting her home town where she hopes to reconnect with her best friend Stephanie. Heidi feels that she left her BFF behind when she went away to college and therefore wants to make amends in the hopes to rekindle their past friendship. Heidi thinks the best course of action is to just show up after about three years of barely any contact in the hopes that Stephanie is just home doing nothing. This of course does not work out as Heidi runs into Daisy, Stephanie’s younger sister.

GOOD POINT: Despite this being one of the obvious tropes in this genre you can’t help but fall right into it. Burgess sets it up nicely albeit the story isn’t as detailed as a full length novel, but for the short story it is, it just works. This just goes to prove that just because it’s an over used trope doesn’t mean that people won’t like it. It’s a trope for a reason after all.

Immediately we are told from Heidi’s POV that she finds her best friend’s sister, Daisy, surprisingly attractive and wonders if there is a way to weasel into hooking up with her. It becomes quickly apparent that this is also on Daisy’s mind as she takes charge of the situation, inviting Heidi over for a “sleepover.” *Rolls Eyes*

At this point Heidi is like, “Stephanie who?” and agrees to this sleepover. It is here we learn that there has been a long term attraction on Daisy’s side of things and this escalates quickly into a fun sexy romp between the sheets. Unfortunately it ends just as a good conflict comes into play, but it succeeded in producing what it wanted and I can’t fault it that.


4 Out of 5 Stars

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