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Meet a Character: Archangel Raziel

Despite the rough seas that is the ocean of editing I was thrilled to hand out Part One of my WIP to my small gaggle of beta readers this two weekends ago. Fear not to those who were hoping to be included in this group, this is simply round one and I intend to hand out full copies of my novel, once it’s gone through edits, to those later beta readers who are still interested. Current deadline to have the second draft of the novel complete is December 1st. We’ll see if I can pull it off.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to begin introducing some of the varied characters that line the pages of my story. There are two main characters and a whole host of side characters within my spiritual fantasy series, The Last War. I like to think each of them distinct in their own way and I would hope that would be portrayed in my writing, otherwise the characters would just be boring and I could not live with that.

The idea with this is to give a peek into the window of each character and the potential role they play within the series.

The first Character I will introduce you to is one of the side characters. His name is Raziel. One of the Archangels of Celestial, he is known as the Keeper of Secrets. While the Arch and its members don’t consider this title anything special, he is actually quite critical to all that follows in the story.

He is one of seven Archangels, each with their own power and/or magical ability. Though he is one of the more powerful beings in the Kingdom of Celestial, he is not as powerful as the other six Archangels. If this was high school, Raziel would not be a “jock.”

He conceals the secrets he keeps within a book, a journal if you will. These secrets have within them the ability to create powerful enchantments, that as the book’s owner, only Raziel can enact. This was useful during the first war against the Fallen Angels under Lucifer, leading to a swift victory, though he never used the ultimate weapon hidden within the pages, despite the loud protests of Michael, the leader of the Arch.

For this reason the book was happily transferred into the hands of the humans who Raziel deemed more trustworthy, for he knew they would never enact any of the enchantments and would keep it safe. Unfortunately, that didn’t last for long.

To find out more about Raziel and continue his story, be sure to keep a close eye on my updates for my WIP The Last War: Defender.

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