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Book Mail (par deux)

Okay, I swear this was not how I planned it. I mean I knew that I would be getting book mail fairly quickly as I ordered the next book to read for my book club, but even I did not anticipate having two book mail posts in a row.

So picking up on the wave of excitement from my last book mail arrival we now can now add two more books and boy am I excited!

First up we have the aforementioned book club selection entitled Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata. Initial impression is that I love the cover! I think it fits perfectly with what the story represents based on my very short read of the synopsis. Another thing I note is that it is much smaller than I anticipated, coming in at just over 150 pages; a quick read is immanent. This is good as it will allow more books to get read this month and for that I thank you.

The second novel is one that I happened upon through following the author, Louis Leung, on Twitter. I have read a few of his articles and have enjoyed them greatly. Through reading such an article I noticed he mentioned his book, Asians Don’t Date, at the end and I found myself instantly clicking the link to purchase it. I figure if I enjoy his writing, the next logical thing to do would be to purchase his book and support him the best way I know how.

The cover for Leung’s book is great as well, again conveying what the story is (based on my short synopsis read). It looks to be of standard length, but knowing his writing style I have a feeling it will be an easy breezy read. I can’t wait to get into it, but it may have to wait until next month. Unfortunately priority is ARCs, book club, then personal picks.

If you hadn’t noticed, though it would be hard not to, there is a bit of a theme with this book mail. This wasn’t intentional, I didn’t plan this, but isn’t it a great serendipitous occurrence? I love the fact that I set out to add two separate books to my library and they are both stories dealing with the Asian culture written by Asian writers.

I personally love that this happened and I hope it continues to happen more often.

Until the next book comes my way…

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