The Mother-load: An Update


If you follow along with my site/blog (and I hope most of you do) then you would have noticed that there has been a lack of consistency over the last two or so months. It may be too little, too late, but I am here to explain what has been going down on my end of things.

For a while I was fairly consistently reading a book a week and uploading a review after the fact. I was even impressed by this ambition and wanted to keep it up. Unfortunately about three months ago my oldest cat got really sick.

Because of this I had to slow down and deal with his health. This saw a slump in my reading for the most part and thus my book reviews fell behind as well. Additionally, I had a new segment on my site, #WritingPromptsWednesday, that also became affected by my personal life.

Sad to say that on April 30th of this year I had to put my dear sweet old grumpy man cat Captain to sleep. It was extremely difficult and I would be lying if I said that I came out of the other side of things unaffected. There is an absence in my home, in my life, in my heart and I’m still in mourning and processing.

Captain Morgan

But here’s the thing with life, it moves forward whether you are ready to or not. I had to keep moving forward and so I resolved to. I have another cat, Sailor, who was best friends with Captain and in the following days and then weeks after Captain’s passing he became more demanding of my time.

From Left to Right: Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan

You see, he had never not had his best friend around and it was affecting him to an almost painful degree. He was lonely and anxious, almost as if his entire personality had shifted. So in order to help him cope and in some small way perhaps help me cope as well I decided to adopt a new best friend for him.

On May 25th we welcomed into our home a smol kitten we named Skipper. Now within his first few days Skipper developed a cold and so my time became dedicated to making sure he got better and keeping Sailor away so as to not have two sick cats.

Just this week (June 10th) Skipper has finally gotten rid of all his cold symptoms and is Sailor’s constant companion (regardless if Sailor finds the new little brother attention annoying at times).


While things may never get back tot he normal I was used to I have decided to embrace this New Normal. On that note I would like to announce that I will be posting a book review some time tomorrow with an additional book review being uploaded this weekend. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I see no reason that I can’t make up for lost time.

As far as future endeavors I will try to get back to my weekly book reviews as well as weekly postings under #WritingPromptsWednesday and in the short amount of time I have left between my home life and this blog I will also be rededicating myself to my work in progress novel.

Thank you for sticking around, thank you for visiting my site/blog, thank you for your understanding. I hope that you continue with me into whatever comes next.


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