• Tea Pairing

    Malian Kinkeliba Chai by Oya Tea

    It’s no secret that my favorite time of year is coming up and while most would probably call me basic for loving the autumn season I have always been an autumn child. In my 30 years of living this has been a true constant and I don’t see it ever changing. One of my dreams is to move to a place with actual changing leaves as my current home provides not even a tri-colored fallen leaf to keep me sated. All I can do is look out my window hoping for gray skies, orange trees, and a crisp wind as I cuddle with a warm cup of tea.

    Last night I was ready for a warm cup partly for the satisfaction it brings me and also because I wanted something to help me sleep as that has been an issue as of late. I dug through some of my boxes and right after I proclaimed aloud that “I need one BIG tea box to organize these,” I pulled a caffeine free tea out from my May Sipsby box.

  • Tea Pairing

    Jin Xuan Oolong by Terroir Tea Merchant

    I have always found Sunday’s to be perfect tea drinking days. No matter the weather if I were to pick a day that I could guarantee I would want a cup of tea, it would be a Sunday. Living in Southern California I don’t get much choice in weather, so today, like most days, it was rather warm, sunny, no clouds. I know most people like this kind of weather, but it’s really no fun in my opinion. Give me a rainy day any day.

    I woke up this Sunday morning with the need to write and have a cup of tea. The later was the easiest of the two. There are just those unfortunate days that the words don’t come as easy and today was one of them. Of course it didn’t stop me from getting some words down, but where I would normally write close to 2,000 words, I was lucky to get 500 today.

  • Tea Pairing

    Pomegranate Mojito by Zest Tea

    Saturday’s are always busy for me. I try diligently to set aside time to write, but more often than not I have to resign myself to getting nothing done in that department. Lucky for me there is a second day in the weekend and this past Sunday was great for my writing bones. I edited one entire chapter, which may not seem like much, but when you work full time you take what you can get.

    To help me accomplish this task I sought the help of a decently caffeinated tea. Unfortunately my April Sipsby box didn’t contain anything helpful so I had to move on to May where I found the Pomegranate Mojito by Zest Tea. While there was another “High Caffeine” tea in that box, this one was advertised as “Coffee-level Caffeine” and I felt my nerves tingle.