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There is nothing I love more than being a writer. From an early age, I knew writing would be a life long passion that I would want to see grow. Thankfully I have begun to see this dream realized by my work in freelance as well as working on my first novel.

I started out online writing book reviews which I still continue, but now I am aiming for something more. I love being a writer of content that people can enjoy reading blogs and/or articles. I don’t mind learning new things, in fact, I look forward to the opportunity. Any chance to write on a new topic is a chance to learn something I didn’t know before.

If you are looking for a writer to add content to your site look no further. You can send me a direct message below and we can connect about what kind of content you are looking for. Or you can reach out to me through my UpWork profile.

I have been working on my first novel for over two years now. I am currently deep in the editing phase and hope to have a finished product soon. You can find more information about The Last War here.

And if you are also a writer and have a book you would like me to beta read or if it’s already published and you would like me to read and review please reach out. My second favorite thing next to writing is, after all, reading.

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